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Professional Glass Mosaic Manufacturer

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We have more than 20 years of experience in OEM services for leading brands. For us, the quality of our products is above everything, so we have professional QA and QC teams to control the quality strictly. Due to our thorough understanding of consumption habits and product positioning in disparate countries and regions, we are able to provide professional solutions and services to customers.


Stainless Steel Materials

We use stainless steel 304/316, which is lead-free and conforms to international hygiene standards, making our lives healthier and the world a greener place.


All-In-One Kitchen and Bathroom

The integrated kitchen and bathroom are not only environmentally friendly and clean but also make the family space more beautiful and enhance your happiness in life.


Personalized Customization

You can freely match your desired kitchen and bathroom products and customize your favorite colors.

About Gettai

Founded in 2007, GETTAI is an enterprise specializing in the development and production of high-end environmentally friendly stainless steel faucets, smart bathrooms, and smart kitchen appliances.


With the development of design and decoration for houses, people have more requirements for kitchens and bathrooms. As a result, we placed sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, faucets, showers, towel pendants, and so on into one single space. This is done to bring the various functions of sanitary services together into a holistic environment. We design stylish, sweet, and warm modern bathrooms that meet the dual needs of people from daily living to spiritual pleasure.


Our kitchen water dispenser system includes pure water dispensers, boiling water dispensers, ice water dispensers, and frozen soda water dispensers. Customizable and matched products are available. The water dispensers are connected to our kitchen faucets, so we can drink water immediately from the faucets, greatly facilitating and enriching our varied water consumption needs.


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